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Guest Speakers

From Cats Protection to local teams in your area, we invite conversations with them all.

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October 12th 2020

A talk with Nottingham Women's Centre....

Nottingham Women's Centre helps women gain the confidence and skills to achieve their potential and become stronger and more independent. We provide a safe environment in which women can take part in training or activities, get support and services, or campaign to bring about change. Our building is currently closed for drop-ins, but we are still providing our services – such as mental health support, activities, courses, and financial support – by telephone and online.


Although the Centre isn’t open as usual, we’re still here to help during Covid-19. Our staff and volunteer teams have been helping women access crisis grants to help them get online, to buy white goods if they're moving house, or to purchase school uniforms. We've also been helping with welfare benefit claims and our mental health support group has been gathering each week to help reduce anxiety and isolation through these tough times.


If you want to donate to our crisis fund, or if you need help, then visit our website: or email us: We're here for you.

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